Super Bowl 2012 Recap

Every year, my friends and I get together to watch the Super Bowl.  I’m apparently the only person in the world who doesn’t watch football, but I go along for the betting, friends and food (in that order).  My friends will bet on anything and everything (including NBC’s The Voice) and the prop pool has become and annual staple.  It was my first year picking and I came out with a respectable 3rd place – not to shabby if you ask me.  Special thanks to Kelly Clarkson for keeping it under 1:34.

Since I couldn’t offer much support in terms of football knowledge and enthusiasm, I figured I’d make it up by bringing food to the event.  On the menu: 3 layer jello shots (with and without alcohol), football shaped pizza and poutine pizza.

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But of course, all these paled in comparison to Scott’s Prophet Cookie.  Every year it’s a big unveiling as the cookie predicts who will win the Super Bowl.  Unfortunately, the cookie faced its first defeat and the record stands at 2-1.  Nonetheless it didn’t fail in its presentation.

Gronkowski spiking the ball anyone?

Another year has passed, some of my friends are happy, others lost some money and I now know what a helmet catch looks like.  Until next year…


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