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Be Nice, It’s Fun.

Today on the train I saw someone accidentally bump someone only to turn back and make a genuine apology to that person.  I thought it was really nice and polite of that man to do that, and it was obvious that both people felt better afterwards.  It then occurred to me that moments like these wouldn’t strike me so much if it wasn’t that rare a sight.   Most of us have seen the commercial with the guy offering his subway seat to the pregnant woman.

By People for Good

We all have busy lives and it seems at times that we don’t have time to breathe let alone smile.  That being said, I’ve come to believe that this could be to our advantage.  Our expectations of our fellow person have become so low that the smallest positive thing can change the trajectory of their day.  So I challenge you to smile or wave at a random, hold the elevator door open for someone,  let someone in front of you in line or at an intersection – bonus points if you can do it without coming off as creepy. People might look at you weird for being nice, but find comfort in knowing you’re not a douche.

Keanu Reeves – Douche or Gentleman?